Généalogical Research

Genealogical Research Services

ADNAL offers three types of genealogy research services on families for the members and non members.

  • Establishment of an Attested Ancestor Tree and Title
  • Photocopy of Audet or Lapointe marriage act prior to 1943
  • Research on Audet or Lapointe marriage date and location and also information on a family.

Except in rare cases, ADNAL is not presently able to research acts or marriage acts outside Quebec. However, ADNAL will provide information already accumulated in its database on the Audet or Lapointe families that have migrated outside Quebec.

Research and Transcription                                                 

Guy St-Hilaire, Maître généalogiste agréé "MGA"                             (Certified Master Genealogist).

  • Performs searches in databases.

  • Transcribe the information.
  • Prepares ADNAL document for issuance.



        Verification and Attestation

Guy St-Hilaire, Maître généalogiste agréé "MGA"                            (Certified Master Genealogist).

  • Performs research and verification.

  • Authenticity check.

  • Attest documents.


Attested Ancestry Title

It is an 8½" x 11" ornamented parchment paper listing the different generations up to the pioneer ancestor Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe and providing a short biography of the ancestor. This document is attested and signed by Guy St-Hilaire, "Maître généalogiste agréé" (Certified Master Genealogist).

For ADNAL members : $60 ; and for non members : $75.

(If filiation up to the ancestor Nicolas cannot be established, your fee will be reimbursed, minus a $35 deduction for time spent on research.  A report with all sources and references will be provided).

Please contact Mr. Guy St-Hilaire at the following email address : mga@audetditlapointe.ca

Copies of mariage certificates

This service offers to search and supply photocopies of original marriage documents in Quebec, prior to 1943, that indicate the spouses' filiation information.

a) if marriage dates and locations are supplied in the request: $15 each.

b) if dates and locations are not provided: $25 each (if the act is untraceable, a $10 reimbursement will be provided along with a report mentionning references that were consulted).

Please contact us at the following email address : genealogie@audetditlapointe.ca

Research of marriage dates and locations or genealogical information on a family

This is a research by our specialists to answer a request for marriage date and location of an Audet or Lapointe spouse with filiation or widow(er)hood of the spouses mentionned in the records or in the ADNAL database, as well as research of their known children with dates and locations of birth or death.

a) for Audet or Lapointe marriages in the ADNAL database : $5 per marriage.

b) additional fees for research of marriages not in the ADNAL database: $15 for the first marriage and $10 for other marriages mentionned in the same request document. If a marriage is untraceable, a report mentionning the consulted sources will be supplied.

c) for births or deaths in the ADNAL database: $3 each; and for a list of children from same parents (without reference to birth and death) in our database: $5 each.

d) a partial or complete monetary deduction to charges in a), b) and c) may apply to those who offer a detailed update of their immediate Audet or Lapointe family genealogical data.  This would include, as much as they know, the names, spouses' names with dates and locations of birth, marriage and death of the following family members: grandparents, parents, themselves, their children, grandchildren, uncles and aunts, cousins and nieces. The information on the subject and information on the family may be sent to :  genealogie@audetlapointe.ca

Other information and payment details

Ancestral titles, copies of act or supplementary research as per the tariff above will be initiated after receipt of complete payment by check payable to ADNAL and received at the address : 

ADNAL (c/o Guy St-Hilaire)
3-467 Boul. des Grives 
Gatineau,  QC,  J9A 3T4, 

To obtain an estimate for other research on your family, please contact us at :  genealogie@audetditlapointe.ca

N.B. In order to best orient the research, it is in the best interest of the requesting party to supply the most precise and detailed information possible (such as parents or grandparents names, actual or approximate dates and locations of marriage, etc).  They should also provide a telephone number and email address in order to be contacted rapidly in case of problems.