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Benefit to members

Member's Card

Association members benefit from the following advantages :

  • Receive by mail or by e-mail the last ADNAL newsletter and future newsletters
  • Access the restricted Members page to retrieve documents, albums and bulletin archives
  • Learn history & patrimony and share your knowledge
  • Initiation to genealogy or increase your knowledge
  • Obtain ADNAL's paid products and services at a preferential rate
  • Participation to activities and family gatherings
  • Join organized visit and travel to historical places and patrimonial museums
  • Meet the family, exchange and travel

The annual membership fee is $25 per member ($500 and more for life membership).

Prospectus ADNAL en français                                         ADNAL English Leaflet

Registration form

We invite you to become a member of the Association by filling and mailing the registration form along with your membership payment.  We ask that you inform other Audet dit Lapointe family members and friends and encourage them to join.

To adhere, you have to fill the registration form available by clicking on the button below and accessing the dynamic PDF form.

  • You may directly fill the form, save it under a file name of your choice, print it, send it immediately by e-mail to  tresoriere@audetditlapointe.caand send your payment by mail as soon as possible. Payments can also be made by electronic fund transfer, using the same e-mail address. 
  • Or you may directly fill the form, save it in your computer under a file name of your choice, print it and send it by mail along with your payment.
  • Or you may simply print the form, fill it manually and send it by mail along with your payment.

The membership payment is made electronic fund transfer or by check payable to  ADNAL or Association des Descendants de Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe and mailed to  1507, rue Du Corail, Québec, QC, Canada  G3K 1H3.

Formulaire d'adhésion - français                         English Registration Form