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VIP & Celebrities

Biographies of Audet/Audette/Lapointe folks and celebrities

This section is currently under construction.

To our visitors: we will present short biographies of people from the extended family of Audet, Audette and Lapointe who distinguished themselves in many fields, such as religion, politics, agriculture, trade, etc. 
Come back soon to see our additions.

Characters and celebrities in our newsletter "Nicolas and Magdeleine"

Here a list of the people from these same families that have been the subject of a more detailed article  in one of our newsletters "Nicolas and Magdeleine".  Click on the button below to consult this list and see the diversity of the environments in which they worked.
The members of our association in good standing have access, by visiting the members section, to all newsletters published since our Foundation in 2002, and so, to all the items from this list.  To learn more about the benefits of a subscription to our association, consult the "Membership Information" page.
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