ADNAL's 2020-2021 Board of Directors
elected at the 2019 Annual General Meeting,
held in Valleyfield, QC, on August 24, 2019,
with its mandate renewed by the modified 2020 Annual General Meeting
held by correspondence during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Standing :  Marc Lapointe, André Lapointe, Guy St-Hilaire, Jean-Pierre Lapointe, Feu Gaston Audet, Michel Lapointe
Seated :    Andrée Boily,    Alicia Dufour,    Louise Lapointe,    Joanne Lapointe

Who are these members on your Board of Directors?
Here is a short bio on each of these active and dedicated members:

Louise Lapointe (President)

Louise Lapointe President

From Île d'Orléans, where her first Canadian ancestor Nicolas and then his son Joseph settled, Louise’s family name lineage passed through Isle-aux-Coudres and Saint-Irénée before reaching, in the 9th generation, Cap-à-l'Aigle (La Malbaie) in the Charlevoix region, where we find her grandfather Arthur Lapointe and his wife Caroline Lessard. Many of their descendants still live there, either on the family land or in the surrounding area. As for her father Jean, he settled in Quebec City before his marriage in 1947.

After a career of nearly 30 years at Bell Canada, then nearly 20 years with a communications company, she retired for good in 2018.

Her interest in genealogy began in 2001. Her curiosity quickly turned into a real passion, and it was this curiosity that motivated her to join the Association only a few weeks after its creation and to invest much of her time so that all the AUDET-LAPOINTE COUSINS could develop a bond and a sense of belonging to such a beautiful and large family via ADNAL.

Since 2008, she has also been very deeply involved in the Société d'histoire des Filles du Roy. It is important to remember that our ancestor Magdeleine Després was a Fille du Roy; she arrived in Québec in 1670 and gave birth to the ancestors of the great Audet dit Lapointe family.

Michel Lapointe #440 (Vice-President)

Michel Lapointe Vice-President

Michel comes from a lineage that lived on the Ile d’Orléans until 1931 and was born in Saint-Charles de Limoilou. After elementary school, he started his classical education at the public school and ended it at the time the Limoilou CEGEP opened in St-Jean-Eudes. He subsequently graduated in Educational and Career Counselling.

He worked as a guidance counselor for four years in Abitibi, then pursued his education in Industrial Psychology. After his training, he worked at the Centre Hospitalier de Charlevoix in Baie-St-Paul in human resources management for 27 years. He ended his career as a consultant in that sphere of activities and he retired in 2012.

Michel has three sons and three grandchildren. Throughout his career, he was involved in his community: daycare, school, minor hockey, politics, community television, Autumn Dreams, cultural committee, photography circle.

He has been a member of our association for over 10 years. He was involved as a member and chairman of the organizing committee of three annual meetings between 2008 and 2015. On occasion, he sent us texts for our newsletter. Finally, at the 2015 General Meeting, he was elected to our Board of Directors.

Marie-Ève Audet (Treasurer and Registrar)

Born in Quebec City in December 1977, she grew up in Lac-Etchemin and began working there as a secretary-accountant. A few years later, in her mid-twenties, she moved to Quebec City and continued her career there with the federal government, where she held positions in administrative support, customer service and financial planning and coordination.

Her family tree includes 2 lines of the Audet dit Lapointe family; in her paternal line, she is a descendant of François and in her maternal grandmother's line, she is a descendant of Nicolas, both, of course, sons of Nicolas and Magdeleine. Leaving the Île d'Orléans, the following generations settled in different villages of Bellechasse. In the 2nd half of the 18th century, the 2 family lines moved towards the township of Frampton, contributed to the colonization of the territory and settled there for a few generations. In particular, her paternal great-great-grandfather, Thomas, acquired a lot in the 7th Line Road of the parish. To this day, this ancestor's lot is still the property of the members of his family, bequeathed from generation to generation.

Marie-Ève has been a member of ADNAL since her participation in the organization of the Quebec gathering in 2008. She says that the Lac-Etchemin gathering in 2007, in which her parents were involved, titillated her interest in the association. . In the fall of 2020, she decided to get involved in the association by taking over the management of finances.

Jean-Pierre Lapointe (Secretary)

Born May 7, 1947 in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield from the marriage of Eugène Lapointe (from Pohénégamook) and Hélène Aubin, Jean-Pierre is the eldest of a family of 5 children. Married to Denise Del Guidice (of Timmins, Ontario) since December 18, 1981, they had 2 daughters, Isabelle (1982), a high school teacher, and Geneviève (1984), a radiation technologist. 4 grandchildren (Samuel, Zachary, Raphaëlle and Daphnée) came from the marriage of their 2 daughters with Mark and Dominique. In 2010, Jean-Pierre retired from social work in Gatineau and Denise retired from teaching in Ottawa. A member of ADNAL since January 2003, Jean-Pierre has been a member of the Board of directors since 2007.

His interest in genealogy dates back to his teenage years when he found a first family tree of his family. Over the years, his interest has become not only a hobby but a passion. On the occasion of the biennial visit to France, as part of the twinning of the towns of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and Combs-la-Ville, the French hosts organized a visit to St-Pierre de Maulais church (place of baptism of our ancestor) and a meeting with the mayor of the place, Alain Blot, on August 26, 2006. My brother Denis, mayor, invited me and my wife to participate in this memorable moment. This first contact was the beginning of correspondence, visits, friendships, involvement of Alain Blot and his wife Christine with ADNAL.

Guy St-Hilaire (Historian and Genealogy)

Guy St-Hilaire Historian

Born July 12, 1939 in Lévis, from a Lapointe originally from the Bergeronnes (North-Shore), Guy St-Hilaire is the oldest in a family of four children living in St-Romuald, but doesn't have a descendant. Having obtained several university diplomas in the Arts, Theology and Law, he has also experienced working outside the country (Italy, Vietnam, Uruguay and Syria) for more than 12 years.  From 1977 to his retirement in 2003, he was a judge of the Federal Administrative Tribunal in Montreal, then moves to Gatineau where he now resides.

Even very young, he was always interested in his family history. He first started as a hobby in 1953 doing historical and genealogical research resulting in the publishing of several articles. In March 1986, he publishes the history of his mother's family called  "Les Lapointe des Bergeronnes", where he questions, with the help of new information being made available not considered by his predecessors, certain facts concerning the pioneering ancestor called Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe. Since then, he follows with a critical eye everything new that is published on the biography of this ancestor. In January 1992, he was recognized Maître généalogiste agréé.  Solicited by the founding President, he is since June 2003, one of the administrators of the Association of the Descendants of Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe inc. (ADNAL).

Marc Lapointe (Webmaster and Database)

Marc Lapointe Webmaster

Born in Thetford Mines, he is the eldest of two sons and a descendant of the Jean-Baptiste branch.  He was married in 1994 to Carmen Rodrigue of Welland, Ontario, and they do not have any descendant.

Marc left his hometown in 1976 to join the Air Force for a busy military career of over 31 years.  After graduating as an engineer from the Royal Military College in Kingston, he occupied various management and liaison positions that saw him travel to the United States and Europe.  He now lives near Ottawa since 1999 and he retired in 2007.

He joined the ADNAL in 2006 and genealogy research as well as family history became his passions.  He helped out with research for the ADNAL dictionary and has assumed the responsibility of webmaster for the ADNAL web site.

Joanne Lapointe (Director)

Joanne Lapointe Director

Born in Quebec in 1956 in the Notre-Dame de Grâce district, to parents born in the same district but from a line of ancestors from the Île d´Orléans (St-Laurent and St-Jean parishes). Her parents, Cécile Fradet and Marcel Lapointe, bought in 1960 a house in Duberger, a new neighborhood east of downtown Quebec, where she lived for twenty years, until her marriage.

In 1979, she married François Demers and they moved to St-Augustin-de-Desmaures. Mother of three children, Nicolas, Samuel and Anne-Sophie, proud grandmother of Émile, Mia, Léo, Arthur and Adèle. In 2001, the family moved back to the Les Saules district, next to where she grew up. 

Graduated from CEGEP Garneau in 1976 in office automation techniques, Joanne worked for 37 years in the health and social services sector. Hired upon leaving CEGEP at the Quebec Social Services Center, she ended her career in 2013 at the CIUSSS de la Capitale Nationale.

Throughout her life she has been involved in different organizations. She has been a member of ADNAL for several years and a member of the Board of directors since 2018 when she agreed to continue the term of her deceased father in June of the same year.  M. Marcel Lapointe was the eldest of the Board and had been a director since almost the beginnings of the Association.

Andrée Boily (Director)

Native of Arvida, born February 2, 1947 at Chicoutimi hospital, daughter of Albert Boily, employee of Alcan and Cécile Desbiens. Primary and secondary studies in Chambord, followed by studies in Medical Technology at the University of Montreal. Worked at the Hôtel-Dieu in Roberval and then at the Le Jeannois Hospital Center in Métabetchouan. Retired since 2000 and currently resides in Quebec City.

Mother of twins, Éric and François Tremblay, and grandmother of 2 grandchildren, Ella and Antoine. Member of ADNAL since 2014. The same first 4 generations of Audet dit Lapointe are the ancestors of my family, both on the paternal and maternal side. Two brothers and a sister, children of Pierre Audet dit Lapointe and Madeleine Bouchard, start different branches of my family. Pierre Audet dit Lapointe and Esther Boudreault become my paternal branch with their daughter Éléonore Audet dit Lapointe (my great-grandmother) married to Thomas Boily. Louis Audet dit Lapointe and Madeleine Perron become my maternal branch with Delphine Lapointe (my great-grandmother too) married to Pierre Desbiens. And finally, Angélique Audet dit Lapointe (sister of Louis and Pierre), married to Étienne Tremblay, are the ancestors of my sons Éric and François.

I owe my passion for genealogy to my uncle and godfather, Maurice Ouellette from Chicoutimi. He wrote a book, "Maman Hénédine", on the descendants of the Dubois, from the first generation to my sons. Hénédine is the sister of my maternal grandmother Marie Dubois, wife of Louis-Georges Desbiens.

Michel Lapointe #1154 (Director)

Born in Montreal on June 7, 1955, he is the youngest of 2 children from the marriage of Adrien Lapointe and Lucille Boisjoly. He is the descendant of Joseph, son of Nicolas and Magdeleine. His ancestors left the Ile d´Orléans in the 3rd generation to settle in the Bellechasse region. From the 5th generation until his father in the 9th generation, they lived in Quebec City.

Married to Sylvie Béliveau since November 21, 1980, two daughters were born from this union (Audrey and Jessie) as well as a granddaughter (Maïra). After living on Montreal's south shore, he settled in the Quebec City area, in Cap Rouge, from 1992 to 2010 and in Lévis, from 2010 until now.

He obtained a BAC in Business Administration, accounting option, from Hautes Études Commerciale in 1979, as well as a Masters in Information and Management Systems in 1985 from the University of Sherbrooke.  He worked from 1979 to 1983 in accounting auditing and from 1985 to 2019 in information systems and computer science, mainly as a manager, including 27 years in the Quebec public service.

Retired since January 2019, it was from that moment that he became interested in the genealogy of his paternal family. While carrying out his research, he was very happy to discover that there was an association of Audet dit Lapointe descendants and he became a member of ADNAL in March 2019. Discovering an interest in genealogy and wishing to get involved with the association, he offered his services to the leaders of ADNAL. He has been on the Board of Directors since January 2021.