Access Help

Access to MEMBERS Section

Members in good standing may access the Members Section using their member number as 'Login name' (4-digits with leading zeroes) and their joining date as 'Password', both found on their membership card :

  • The login format is :  xxxx and yyyy-mm-dd   (including hyphens)
  • Ficticious example :  0017 and 2003-04-18      (do not forget the hyphens)

Any member experiencing a login problem, or if a new member, please follow to the following guidance :

  1. A member who cannot find his/her membership card, or does not remember his/her member number and/or enrolment date, is asked to communicate with the ADNAL Treasurer-Registrar at The email should contain the member's identification, including name, home address and telephone number.

  2. A new member should wait to receive his/her membership card before attempting to visit the Members pages. In case of of a particularly long delay to receive the card, the member is asked to communicate with the Treasurer-Registrar at

  3. A member who has all the required information but still encounters a connection problem is asked to notify the Webmaster at webmestre@audetditlapointe.caand provide his/her member number and enrolment date.